It has begun!

My dream of a white kitchen is finally becoming a reality. This will not be a full on kitchen remodel but rather a little rejuvenation, as in not a face lift but just a little botox. We’ll start by taking down the backsplash that was installed by the builder-concrete tiles in some fleshy grey color and then while the sheetrock is all torn up, the hubster will install under cabinet lights. (pretty please) Backer board will go up to replace the sheetrock and then I’ll put up WHITE subway tile in a brick pattern with grey grout. The over the oven microwave will come down and be replaced by a pro vent hood. “Babe, all you have to do is cut a hole in the ceiling and roof and run the exhaust pipe straight up from the stove, easy right?” Oak cabinets will be painted WHITE and hardware installed. Then, and this might the part I’m most excited about, the orange peel textured walls will be smooth plastered and painted by yours truly. I want to start a revolution to rid all houses of textured walls and I’m starting with mine. I can’t stand the look of lumpy, bumpy walls. Smooth people, smooth!

Project Completion: Girl’s Bedroom


After: Closet - organized


After: Bed, headboard, lighting, fan, drapes...

JLo & Trina Turk Fabric

We recently finished a young girl’s bedroom and are thrilled with the results.  There is nothing better then transforming a room into a fun, hip, organized sanctuary.  Also, while scanning a gossip mag, we came across a photo of JLo and her new boy-toy lounging in a cabana at an exclusive resort…does the fabric look familiar?  Trina Turk Soleil L.A. – the very same fabric that we used for the custom headboard (we picked it first)!!!

Gingerbread decorating party with the kiddos!!!

Gingerbread House Villages...and some elves!


Gingerbread House Staging


Gingerbread House


Lilli's and her Gingerbread House

It is that time of year again and thanks to my wonderful sister, we were able to host a fantastic gingerbread house decorating party! Fun times, lots of candy and amazing houses…there were a few left over, so, of course we had to decorate our own (after all the kids left). Patsy’s house is super chic (no pictures, sorry folks) and mine, well, let’s just say that I used A LOT of Red Hots!!!

Tribeza Fashion Show!

A flash of fringe on the runway

Fashion show pose
The stylish hubby

Another fun night celebrating fall fashion…looks ranged from the Southwestern cowgirl to the sultry fashionista.  The spectators were as well dressed as the models and, of course, I indulged in some people watching.  By George, a local haunt, gets my vote for “Best Dressed”!

Playing among the sculptures…

A Sketch by Tony Cragg

Henri Matisse – Grand Nu Assiss


Kissing Joan Miro's Moonbird

Adventures in Tony Cragg land...

During a recent visit to Dallas I was able to stop by the Sculpture Museum and bond with some of the work there…incredible shapes, funky forms and enlightenment.  I can’t wait to go back!

Fashion’s Night Out!

Fashion's Night Out!

A very fun and fashionable night shared with Patsy at Saks Fifth Avenue in Austin…we may not be in New York City for fashion’s biggest night of the year, but we can party like models!!!

Back to School!

Although supply drop off and meet the teacher took place last week, we still needed to sharpen all the pencils. So, I bought a handy electric pencil sharpener at Costco today and Max and Lilli had fun sharpening away. I guess this yellow bouquet of pencils means summer is officially over! I will miss my little bunnies but I’m looking forward to tackling some creative projects.

Drought in Austin=lawn does not look like green carpet

I hate to shift gears so suddenly after Emily’s beautiful Paris post, but while Paris has been in the 70s and 80s, here in Central Texas, we have had over 50 days of 100 degrees or higher and our lawn is in serious pain. Here is what we have:


And this is what we would like:


Check back for pictures of the new and improved reality soon.


Dreaming of Paris.

It has been eight months since I have been in Paris, and I am going through withdrawals.  So, I decided to put together a little trip in my head and this is what it looks like:


Maison Champs Elyees Hotel


Angelina's Mont Blanc


Centre Pompidou - Modern Art Collection

Buy (for me):

Maison Martin Margiela Blazer

Buy (for my guy):

Ateliers Ruby Motorcycle Helmet

ahhh, je suis desolee Paris, a la prochaine fois.

Bunco & Pecans

Patsy is the queen of hosting…she always makes everyone feel comfortable and never lets a glass go empty or a belly go hungry.  Below is her super-delicious Spiced Pecan recipe.  The nuts were all the rage at her last Bunco-hosting get-together.  Make a batch for unexpected guest, girls night, or for that mid-afternoon craving (but watch out, just like a good ole’ Southern women, they have a kick)!